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Issue - January 2012

In the latest edition of the magazine, we speak with Peter Marks, the boss of the Co-operative Group. We also have full coverage of Insider’s inaugural International Trade Awards and take a look at the North West's future technology businesses.

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Whatever's in your future, face it

Whatever's in your future, face it

This being our future issue, what we have put before you may make uncomfortable reading at times. When I was a kid the future was all about the potential for international travel. If I closed my eyes and contemplated it for a moment I saw monorails and space suits. Now, that vision of the future is in the past. The world has shrunk, communications between people have been revolutionised and living standards have continued to rise steadily for most people.

Interview - Peter Marks

Interview - Peter Marks

The boss of The Co-operative Group is in no mood to slow down as he seeks to get on terms with the major banking and retail players

An eye on advancements

An eye on advancements

Insider looks at the developments that will shape the technology markets, and the companies to watch across the region



January 2012
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