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Archive of North West Business Insider

Issue - November 2014

In the November edition we reveal the SME 300, a run-down of the region’s best performing smaller businesses. There’s also an interview with Peel Ports’ Mark Whitworth and we profile Stark Brooks boss Sally Toumi.

Businesses must stop being so modest

I recently attended an event organised by the networking organisation Vistage, which brings together successful managing directors, chief executives and other business leaders. Part way through the morning, the host split the audience into pairs and said something to the effect of: “Tell your partner what you like about yourself.” You could have heard a pin drop. We don’t like talking about ourselves, but we should.
Meet Whittaker's angel of the ports

Meet Whittaker's angel of the ports

The Peel Group’s Liverpool2 project is set to transform the UK logistics sector, dramatically increasing the North West’s port capacity. Chris Maguire meets Mark Whitworth, the man tasked with delivering the £300m scheme.
The Leader - Sally Toumi

The Leader - Sally Toumi

The executive chairman of recruitment consultancy Stark Brooks shares her life-defining moments with Rupert Cornford.

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  • Imran Akram of Asons Solicitors
  • Legacy of the IFB
  • 42 under 42 Dinner
  • Women in business
  • SME 300
  • Sports sector
  • Business of digital and technology conference
  • Industrial sector review
  • Devolution in Greater Manchester
  • South America and Africa focus
  • Challenger banks
  • Deals journey
  • Recruitment spotlight

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November 2014
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