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Archive of North West Business Insider

Issue - March 2015

We take a look at the last taboo in business - mental health. We also reveal the region’s most profitable businesses and speak to some top company leaders.

How do you measure business success?

How do you measure business success?

There are lots of ways to measure success in business: turnover, profit, growth, workforce, salary, bonuses, EBITDA and exports are all commonly used benchmarks. Happiness and philanthropy are often overlooked.
Wannabe rock star takes centre stage

Wannabe rock star takes centre stage

As the chairman and only shareholder of the £170m turnover Tetrosyl Group, Peter Schofield is a popular guy. In a rare interview he spoke to Chris Maguire.
The Leader: Steve and Simon

The Leader: Steve and Simon

This month we focus on a business with two leaders at the helm. Steve Fives and Simon Whittle, the co-founders of cleaning and security business Westgrove Group, speak to Chris Maguire.

Also in this magazine

  • Mental health special
  • Power of ten
  • Bolton debate
  • DNA of an entrepreneur
  • Tetrosyl’s Peter Schofield
  • Green tech on Merseyside
  • Fracking in Lancs
  • Nuclear in Cumbria
  • Energy management
  • Cestrian Imaging interview
  • Profit 50
  • Manchester’s tech ambitions
  • Invest in Runcorn and Widnes
  • Managing property costs
  • Real Deals
  • Private equity champions
  • Insider track
  • Ten steps to exit
  • Wealth management
  • Apprenticeships
  • The business of people
  • Events survey

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March 2015
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