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Archive of North West Business Insider

Issue - December 2014

In this edition we take a look back at 2014, evaluating the year’s major events across a wide range of sectors. There’s also an interview with the boss of St Helens Rugby League Club, and we have an in-depth report on the Northern Powerhouse agenda.

Talking the right language

Talking the right language

I heard a motivational speaker recently and he wrote the following four sums on a piece of paper: 1x1 = 1; 2x2 = 4; 3x3 = 9; and 4x4 = 15. He then showed them to the audience and invited them to say what they saw. “It’s wrong,” bellowed a man in the front row. “But the first three are right,” replied the speaker. “Why didn’t you mention them?”
Do women in business get a fair deal?

Do women in business get a fair deal?

Insider asked five prominent businesswomen about everything from freezing eggs to the way women are portrayed in the media.
The Leader: Simon Meredith

The Leader: Simon Meredith

The chief executive of Freight First shares the bumpy road of business ownership with Rupert Cornford.

Also in this magazine

  • Eamonn McManus
  • SME round table and breakfast
  • Annual Review 2014
  • Power of planning breakfast
  • Future of professional services
  • Northern Powerhouse focus
  • International trade forum and survey

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December 2014
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