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Archive of North West Business Insider

Issue - September 2015

In this edition we reveal the Rich List for 2015, charting the region’s wealthiest families and individuals. There is also a special report on how to invest your money for maximum return, and interviews with the leaders of Better Bathrooms and Jiffy packaging Company.

There’s no downtime in business

There’s no downtime in business

I had an email recently that was as well intended as it was wide of the mark. It was inviting me to an event because the implication was it was August and I’d probably be looking for things to do. Nothing could be further from the truth.
From birdies to bathrooms with a slice of Disney

From birdies to bathrooms with a slice of Disney

As the leader of better bathrooms, Colin Stevens is one of the UK's hottest properties. But what makes him tick? Over the past year he's given Insider exclusive access into his world.
Innovation in a jiffy

Innovation in a jiffy

Think of padded envelopes and the odds are you'll think of Jiffy - hence the company's tagline: 'Jiffy - famous for mailing'.

Also in this magazine

  • Interview with Colin Stevens, Better Bathrooms
  • Lady Barbara Judge on women in business
  • Soapbox – Charlie Cornish, MAG
  • TOP 500 - Insider’s round table panellists debate where Manchester’s future heritage will come from
  • RICH LIST 2015 - Find out who’s up or down in Insider’s ranking of the region’s wealthiest business leaders
  • Stephen Critchlow’s impact investing strategy
  • Interview with Trevor Moore, Select Property
  • Investment community news
  • Raising productivity with technology
  • Real deals
  • Digital locations
  • Interview with James Whittaker, Peel
  • Cheshire East spends £1m fighting planning appeals
  • Residential property breakfast
  • The investment landscape in Manchester
  • Managing director Max Weller describes the plan for Jiffy Packaging Company after its recent sale
  • Insider’s international trade survey findings
  • Quarterly deals market review
  • Retail sector report
  • Interview with Martin Ainscough
  • Insider track: Styles&Wood interview
  • Hewden’s Adrian Murphy on leadership
  • Leadership and neuroscience
  • Leadership within private education
  • Inside the boardroom – chief technology officers
  • RAIDER - Gossip from our man behind the scenes

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September 2015
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