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Archive of North West Business Insider

Issue - June 2015

We reveal our Property Power 100 in this edition; the movers and shakers of the North West property scene. There’s also interviews with WinRob’s Rob Lloyd and Brian Hay of Cardinal Maritime, alongside a special focus on Cheshire. Plus Northern Powerhouse, Cyber security, Total Fitness and more.

Back in the race

Back in the race

He lost everything in two recessions, but Rob Lloyd is back in the game with his latest property venture.
Aspiration is not a dirty word

Aspiration is not a dirty word

As editor I’ve taken the view that Insider should be apolitical. Whatever your hue, our view is that if it’s good for business, it’s good for us. However, during the run-up to May’s general election, it was clear that the Conservatives were seen as pro-business and Labour as anti-business. In the final shake-up, the business vote made the difference.
Corporates have the upper hand

Corporates have the upper hand

Rupert Cornford reviews the regional deals market so far in 2015, and finds the ingredients for something special are just around the corner.

Also in this magazine

  • Businesses that started at home
  • The entrepreneur – Brian Hay, Cardinal Maritime
  • Inside the boardroom – operations directors
  • Retail breakfast
  • Corporate hospitality
  • Business of Health breakfast
  • INTERVIEW - Rob Lloyd lost £37m when the recession hit, but is back with his latest property venture WinRob
  • Insider Property Power 100 list
  • Insider North West Property Awards review
  • Business of property conference
  • Around the region news briefs
  • Real deals
  • Manufacturers share their secrets of growth
  • Around the world in 80 minutes: business leaders share their stories about exporting
  • Cyber security
  • Why Cheshire has a mixed message
  • TOP 500 - Our panel of property experts at our Top 500 round table debate the impact of north-shoring
  • Northern Powerhouse breakfast debate
  • Regional Response campaign findings
  • Round table – future of the north
  • DEALS - Business buyers
  • Deals market review
  • Insider track – Total Fitness
  • Finance for growth survey
  • Deals table
  • North West Young Professionals Awards review
  • Gossip from our man behind the scenes

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June 2015
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