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Archive of North West Business Insider

Issue - April 2015

What’s the fracking policy? In this edition we take a special look at the hot topic and ask North West councils for their thoughts on shale gas. There’s also the War Chest 100, charting the region’s businesses with the deepest pockets.

Leaders must lead

Leaders must lead

I love great quotes. The rise of social media has spawned entire Twitter accounts devoted to inspirational ones. With this in mind I unearthed three great quotes about leadership. “The only safe ship in a storm is leadership.” Faye Wattleton; “Leadership is an action, not a position.” Donald McGannon; and “When eagles are silent, parrots begin to chatter.” Winston Churchill.
Animal nutrition meets football ambition

Animal nutrition meets football ambition

David Haythornthwaite is the chairman of animal health nutrition manufacturer Tangerine Holdings and the man behind AFC Flyde. He spoke to Chris Maguire.
Why Basil Fawlty can help business

Why Basil Fawlty can help business

Psychology has a lot to offer business in an increasingly busy world. Rupert Cornford looks at how a 1970s sitcom can teach us a lot about relationships.

Also in this magazine

  • The big question – fracking
  • Power of ten
  • The entrepreneur – Warren Jacobs
  • Inside the boardroom: finance directors
  • Interview – Karen Baird, Salford City FC
  • Interview – Andy Walsh, FC United
  • North West Futures breakfast
  • SME 300 round table
  • Insider’s War Chest 100 ranking for 2015
  • Regional review - Cumbria
  • Doing business in Blackburn breakfast
  • Interview – Eudie Thompson, Bright Future
  • Telecoms and CRM
  • Industrial property – the battle for the green belt
  • Real deals
  • Is China on your map?
  • Profile – Supreme Imports
  • Management buyouts
  • Insider Track: interviews with David Cassidy of Wealth at Work and Matthew Palmer, Palletower
  • Deals table
  • Floating on AIM
  • Round table – apprenticeships
  • Gossip from our man behind the scenes

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April 2015
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