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Archive of North West Business Insider

Issue - September 2014

In this edition we speak to Michael Oliver, the self-made man who has went from job interview rejection to creating a £600m fortune. He’s part of our exclusive Rich List, detailing the region’s 100 wealthiest individuals and families. There is also a special feature on the future of the North, which you can read here online.

A region rich with ambition

A region rich with ambition

There are two words that punctuate this month’s issue: ambition and collaboration. After being sacked from a succession of jobs for his outspoken views, our cover interviewee Michael Oliver launched his own business in 1979, with the sole aim of making money; it’s fair to say he has achieved that and much more, with a fortune topping £600m at the age of 75.
Growing the Danbro family

Growing the Danbro family

Damian and Helen Broughton started their business from a box room. It now turns over nearly £170m. Rupert Cornford meets them.
Meet the £600m man

Meet the £600m man

With an estimated fortune of £608m, businessman Michael Oliver is in tenth place in Insider’s Rich List. He spoke to Chris Maguire.

Also in this magazine

  • Special report: The future of the north
  • How technology drives growth
  • Getting young people into manufacturing
  • New office builds
  • Crowdfunding for property
  • Private schools
  • India focus
  • Regatta export report
  • Multiples report
  • Wealth management: key trends

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September 2014
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