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Archive of North West Business Insider

Issue - August 2014

In this edition we have our annual round-up the region's most influential business women, an interview with Nichols chief executive Marnie Millard, and a report on the success and legacy of the International Festival for Business 2014.

Women make businesses better

Women make businesses better

A lot has been written about the lack of women in boardrooms, but we don’t talk enough about the positive contribution women make to business. The main feature in this issue is our Women 100 list, which profiles the region’s 100 most influential business women. It’s packed full of people transforming the private and public sector and is a mix of familiar and new names.
New look

New look

Manufacturing has traditionally been a male-dominated environment, but women are increasingly taking more prominent roles in the sector. Chris Maguire visited two companies in the North West where women are making their mark.
Marnie's tales of the unexpected

Marnie's tales of the unexpected

Marnie Millard, chief executive of Nichols, tells Chris Maguire how a trip to the cinema changed her life.

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August 2014
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