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Archive of North West Business Insider

Issue - February 2015

We catch up with two of the most successful games developers of the last decade; the partnership behind Angry Birds creator Chilingo. There’s also our Growth 100, charting the region’s businesses on their upwards trajectory. In addition we speak to the bosses of Wax Lyrical and Richard Law.

Turning good into brilliant

Turning good into brilliant

“The key to success is turning good into brilliant.” I can’t claim the credit for coining the phrase but I heard it recently and I share the sentiment 100 per cent. If businesses are happy with their lot then there’s a danger they’re settling for mediocrity and that’s a dangerous mindset.
The Leader: Mike Armstead

The Leader: Mike Armstead

The owner and chairman of Cumbria's Wax Lyrical bought the loss-making business in 2006 afetr his wife spent £100 in a single shopping trip. He spoke to Chris Maguire.
Richard Law's £300m vision

Richard Law's £300m vision

The boss of acqquisitive technology business GB Group tells Rupert Cornford why it's ready for the big time.

Also in this magazine

  • Chilingo interview
  • How to think like Alex Ferguson
  • Made in the North West Awards preview
  • The role of the chairman
  • Power of 10
  • Growth 100
  • Richard Anderson, Crawford Healthcare
  • Aviation special
  • Bill Addy on Liverpool
  • Out-of-town business parks
  • Real Deals
  • Housing and planning
  • Alternative funding
  • Trends for 2015
  • Deals table
  • Round table: funding and finance
  • Legal and accountancy
  • MBA report
  • Skills

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February 2015
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