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Archive of North West Business Insider

Issue - May 2015

What happens after Dragons’ Den? We speak to North West business which dared the den. We also speak to Chancellor George Osborne and business leaders such as 2M’s Mottie Kessler and Robert Brigham of Ellis Brigham. And we ask 50 regional leaders for their views on the critical Northern Powerhouse agenda.

Politicians need to KISS

Politicians need to KISS

In case you haven’t noticed there’s a general election taking place. Hardly a day goes by without a new manifesto being published and politicians promising the world in return for your vote. I love politics but even I’d admit the current election has, hitherto, been as bland as I can remember.
Building a giant quietly

Building a giant quietly

Rupert Cornford meets the man at the helm of chemicals buy-and-build 2M Holdings.
Put your customers on holiday

Put your customers on holiday

Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports is now being run by third generation managing director Robert Brigham. He talks to Rupert Cornford about customers, the hype around online retail and nearly dying on his way to the top job.

Also in this magazine

  • The big question – life after Dragons’ Den
  • Budget Live event
  • Inside the boardroom – non-executive directors
  • Interview with George Osborne
  • Northern Powerhouse – The key questions
  • Northern Powerhouse – Fifty leaders’ views
  • Trends in retail
  • Interview – Robert Brigham
  • Managing brand reputation following a crisis
  • Leaders of the North West’s fastest-growing businesses share their secrets to growth
  • Interview – Jim Nicholson, Pochin’s
  • Offices of the future
  • Relocations
  • North West Property Awards shortlists
  • Real deals
  • Interview – George Holmes, University of Bolton
  • Interview – Keith Davies, Bolton Council
  • Invest in South Lakeland
  • Editor’s comment – Lancashire
  • Business of Lancashire conference
  • Deals in Lancashire
  • Finance directors’ survey
  • Round table – finance directors
  • Buyers’ guide to corporate finance
  • Insider track
  • Bosses reveal how their unique culture helps them stand out when it comes to recruitment
  • Raider - Gossip from our man behind the scenes

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May 2015
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