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Issue - January 2015

In this edition we speak to the brothers behind North West success story Character World. There’s also an interview with Cosatto boss Andrew Kluge, our annual ranking of the region’s Top 500 businesses, and how to make money from your website.

Leadership comes in many guises

Leadership comes in many guises

Steve Morgan is best known as the founder of housebuilder Redrow. He left the business in 2000, but years later it began haemorrhaging money and its future was in doubt. He returned in 2009 after the company posted a £190m loss and has since transformed its fortunes.
Bringing characters to the world

Bringing characters to the world

Character World makes branded bedding products for the likes of One Direction, Peppa Pig and Disney movie Frozen. It’s just been acquired in a £36m secondary management buyout backed by private equity. Chris Maguire met the brothers in charge.
Andrew Kluge

Andrew Kluge

The chief executive of baby brand Cosatto almost lost everything in 2008. He tells his story of coming back from the brink to Rupert Cornford.

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January 2015
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