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Archive of North West Business Insider

Issue - October 2014

We feature an interview with the brains behind’s growth story, Carol Kane and Mahmud Kamani. We also unveil our 42 under 42 for 2014 and there’s a special profile of Phil Jones, the first of our under-the-skin features on what makes a successful leader.

Case for devolution is gathering pace

Case for devolution is gathering pace

With the Scottish referendum finally over, the focus will now turn to calls for devolution across the whole of the UK. Those calls are loudest in the North West, where the Northern Powerhouse debate is growing more heated by the day. The north of England’s economy is bigger than Scotland’s, so it would make sense for more power to be devolved to the region.
The rise and rise of Boohoo

The rise and rise of Boohoo

The flotation of Manchester-based in March 2014 valued the online fashion retailer at a whopping £560m. Chris Maguire spoke to joint chief executives Mahmud Kamani and Carol Kane about the secret to Boohoo's success.
Getting into the mind of business

Getting into the mind of business

Phil Jones is managing director of technology business Brother. He reveals how improving his emotional intelligence helped him to deliver results. Interview by Rupert Cornford.

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October 2014
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